About Us

Since its founding days, NBG Telecom's mission has been to provide Canada's alarm dealers with the tools and services to compete with major telecommunications companies.

40 years of expertise

NBG Telecom is a daughter company of Lanvac Surveillance, the Canadian leader in third-party monitoring stations.

More than 1,200 resellers across the country now use Lanvac to monitor the installations they complete for their customers.

NBG Telecom was created in 2019 to expand on these services with a variety of product offerings.

You can now purchase your equipment from us, install it at your customers' sites and connect it to Lanvac's monitoring stations all in one step!

Our Values

Family business

NBG is a family business and a human-scale organization. This gives us stability and a long term vision of fair competition in the alarm industry.


We provide transparent advice and always recommend the best solutions and products for your clients' needs.

Quality customer service

We are available for our clients: we support you from the product purchase to the installation, including all the necessary tests to ensure full operability.


With over 40 years of experience in the surveillance industry, we offer our expertise in product distribution, sales and technical support.

Empowered alarm dealers

We work tirelessly to make the alarm industry more human and approachable. We provide you with the best tools to maintain your positioning in the market against telecom giants.

Power to the alarm dealer. Power to the alarm dealer. Power to the alarm dealer.

NBG Telecom was created to serve the alarm industry and its dealers.

Our philosophy is to support you, not compete with you: we provide you with the tools you need to manage the entire installation at your customers’ premises.

Together, let’s take on the giants of the industry!

Our team


Sales Captain

1-833-624-8353 nbg@lanvac.com


Technical King

1-833-624-8353 jake@lanvac.com


Master of Coin

1-866-237-0177 nick@lanvac.com


Top Lobster

1-833-352-6822 stephanos@lanvac.com

Lanvac’s Founders


Co-founder, Lanvac Surveillance

1-844-387-0001 john@lanvac.com


Co-founder, Lanvac Surveillance

1-844-387-0001 bill@lanvac.com

Experts in our field

Over the years, we have constantly developed our expertise in distributing surveillance equipment. Today, we are proud to support more than 1,200 retailers by enabling them to optimize their offer and position themselves in the market. Through strong partnerships, we continue to grow and work towards a fair competition in the alarm industry.


NBG Telecom is registered

The name NBG Telecom is officially registered, paving the way for future activities.


The company is officially launched

NBG starts operations and markets its first product: a universal cellular communicator.

Until then, working with this tool in Canada was not secure. We made this possible in collaboration with our parent company, Lanvac Surveillance.


The company's official website is launched

Nbgtele.com website is created, making it easier for alarm resellers to manage their orders. The platform allows them to automatically calculate shipping costs and track their SIM card data plans.

This year also marks the arrival of new products in our catalog.


Exponential growth

In just two years, NBG sales have increased significantly thanks to strong partnerships with:

  • NSI Distribution, APA and Inaxsys: several products are now sold with an NBG SIM card.
  • Bosch, GSD and Mobiak: we distribute several ranges of their products.

Power to the alarm dealer

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